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Academics » Concurrent Enrollment at COC

Concurrent Enrollment at COC

College of the Canyons Concurrent Enrollment online application process

Grades 11-12
11th and 12th grade high school students who wish to take classes at College of the Canyons must complete the steps below.
Special admissions students attending part-time may not enroll in more than 10.0 units per term and are exempt from paying unit enrollment fees.  All other term fees, including health fees, parking passes and non-resident fees, must be paid at the time of registration.
Complete the Online Application for Admission
  • Until you are a full time COC college student, you must complete an application for each term you wish to attend.
    • At least 48 hours after submitting your application, go to My Canyons, Click on “Student” and then click on the link to create your student account.  Upon logging in, you will be able to obtain your student ID number which you will need in order to complete the process.
Complete COC’s Online Orientation
  • This is a one-time orientation to be completed before your first term of attendance. 
The online orientation is designed to give you essential information on faculty, courses, study skills, and resources to ensure a successful transition to COC.  You must complete the online orientation in order to register.  Orientation takes less than 45 minutes to complete and it’s mandatory. It does not need to be completed every term.
Print and fill out Special Admission Form: (click here for the Summer Special Admissions Form).
Fill out both sides of the form to include the Consent to Medical Treatment.  Please refer to COC’s Class Schedule website: “Search for Sections” to locate College Course(s) Requested, Section Number, Units, Days, Hours.  Form must have parent and student signatures. 
Take completed Special Admissions Form to Ami, your academic counselor  (Signatures are required from the High School Counselor and an Administrator).
You will be responsible to take your signed Special Admission Form: form to COC’s Admissions & Records Office (Valencia or Canyon Country). Please note they have limited office hours on Friday.  
Be sure to submit your form before the high school registration date.  **See COC’s Student Calendar
    • COC’s Admissions & Records staff will give you instructions regarding the online registration process.  You will get a specific date and time to register.
*If you plan on enrolling in a higher level language course (Ex: Spanish or Sign Language) and took the first levels of the language at your high school, please bring a copy of your high school transcript with you when you submit your Special Admissions Form. 
Reminder: You must submit a new application, concurrent enrollment form, and authorization to consent to medical treatment form for each semester you plan to attend while concurrently enrolled in high school.  Submit all documentation to COC’s Admissions & Records as soon as possible in order to ensure your eligibility to use the online registration system beginning on or after the high school registration period each session. 
Register for your classes on My Canyons
Once you have completed steps 1 through 4, you will get a registration date.  At that specific date/time, you may go online to register for your class(es).
*Pay for your classes and attend!  Payment is due at the time of registration.  If you do not pay your fees, you will be dropped from your class(es).  Pay for fees through My Canyons Portal (under Student Account>Make Payment).  You are responsible for dropping your classes if you no longer plan to attend.  If you do not attend they first day of class, you will be dropped by the instructor and you seat may be given to another student.  Be sure to follow through with deadlines and policies stated in the college catalog.  Please check the Student Business Office for more information on fees.
Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks.  You can purchase your textbooks through My Canyons Portal (under Registration>Order your textbook now).