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The mission of DFY in SCV is to educate and empower students to make good choices, leading towards positive and healthy behaviors. The curriculum teaches lifelong skills appropriate for each grade level to combat negative peer pressure, easy-to-remember strategies to say no to drugs and alcohol.


"DFYinSCV" (Drug Free Youth in Santa Clarita Valley) is a free, school-based, voluntary, anti-drug club for junior high and high school teens. In DFYinSCV, teens thrive drug free in a club run by teens, for teens.

Membership in DFYinSCV is not only voluntary but it is FREE to any student attending a school where there is a DFYinSCV chapter.

Please see Counselor Lizbeth Benavides if you are interested in joining Sequoia's branch of DFYinSCV: Drug Free Youth in Town!

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Contact Sequoia School Counselor and DFYinSCV Club Advisor Lizbeth Benavides if you are interested in learning more about or joining Sequoia's DFYinSCV Club!