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Financial Aid Resources

- Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
This is THE 1st step to All Secondary Education finances! Even grants (no need to pay back) & scholarships (free money)  may require this form to be completed along with scholarship applications. It's not just an application for student loans.

- College Board
Sign up for the PSAT & SAT here.

- Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
Residents of California (and several other states) are eligible to request a reduced tuition at participating 2 & 4 year out of state colleges for pre selected programs.

- California Student Aid Commission (Grants)
The William S Hart District makes this VERY SIMPLE for all students (and parents/guardians).  Every eligible students' information will be uploaded electronically to the California Student Aid Commission.  The only thing students (and parents/guardians) need to complete is their FAFSA (refer to the 1st item on this list).

- The Santa Clarita Valley Scholarship Foundation (SCVSF)
This historic local organization awarded approximately $250,000.00 to William S Hart District Students in June of 2017.  Applications are available on their website around December 1st each Fall Semester.  Take completed applications to your academic counselor before the deadline.

[Sequoia's High School Code is: 054184]

Additional Financial Aid Resources

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