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School-wide Learning Objectives

Self-Directed Learner

  • Take responsibility for arriving punctually to class on a daily basis with appropriate materials, for following directions, and for completing work conscientiously.

  • Seek assistance as needed from instructors or other sources of guidance.

  • Develop a realistic lifelong plan for continuing education, while recognizing personal areas of strength and future growth.

Effective Communicator

  • Write a cohesive, well-organized, and well-supported essay, relatively free of grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Communicate thoughtfully and effectively in public speaking situations, demonstrating poise and clear enunciation.

  • Demonstrate listening skills by formulating intelligent responses and questions for a speaker.

  • Use the word processor, the Internet, or other information technology effectively for research.

Qualitatively Healthy Individual

  • Gain understanding of how to maintain physical fitness and a healthy psychological outlook.

  • Become involved in a regular program of physical exercise and healthy nutrition.

  • Manage stress by applying therapeutic strategies such as journaling, movement, and taking of space.

  • Recognize the importance of decision-making and its connection to consequences or rewards.

  • Make use of a variety of conflict resolution skills.


Upstanding Community Member

  • Contribute time, energy, and talent for the benefit of others.

  • Volunteer time in local charity organizations.

  • Demonstrate behaviors of a good citizen.

Inquisitive Thinker

  • Demonstrate skills of application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, creativity, and imagination.

  • Demonstrate effective thinking strategies for developing creative solutions to existing problems


Academic Achiever

  • Pass standards-based classes.

  • Know the results of his or her Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and use this knowledge  to set appropriate academics and /or career goals.

  • Demonstrate literacy in language and numeracy.


Outstanding Collaborator

  • Recognize, respect, value, and respond sensitively regardless of co-workers’ opinions or backgrounds.

  • Perform competently in different group roles, contributing in several ways to a team effort.

  • Discuss a controversial issue in a civilized and orderly manner.

  • Recognize that being part of a group is as much a responsibility as working independently.

  • Speak politely and positively to others on the campus.

  • Encourage others to do well.

  • Recognize the importance of each individual’s contribution.